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Dental Implants-Tooth BridgePorcelain bridges are custom-made devices that are anchored to neighboring teeth to replace one or more missing teeth. While a bridge has many cosmetic and aesthetic advantages, there are also significant medical benefits gained by replacing lost teeth. Without an even biting surface, you can experience pain while speaking or chewing. Exposed gum sockets are also perfect places for bacteria and infections to thrive.

One or more missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to become unstable and require removal. It can also make the teeth more difficult to clean, compromising oral health. Of course, missing teeth will almost certainly diminish the beauty of a smile. You deserve a beautiful smile. If missing teeth have affected your self-confidence, a bridge may be the perfect solution for you.


Dental Implants Tooth LossFew incidents have a greater impact on dental health and personal appearance than tooth loss. When one or more teeth are missing, the remaining teeth can drift out of position, thus changing the natural bite pattern. Decay, gum disease, and even the loss of additional teeth are often the final result.


To remedy missing teeth, we may recommend the placement of a bridge. A dental bridge a procedure in which one or more replacement teeth are anchored by one or more crowns on each side.

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Although there are many reasons to replace missing teeth, the 3 most common reasons are:

  • Migration: The teeth surrounding a vacant area in the mouth, including the teeth above or below, will eventually move into that open area. The position that these teeth move into is unnatural and in extreme cases, can cause problems leading to tooth loss.
  • Function: Teeth in every part of the mouth are designed for particular functions. If there is an area that has missing teeth, that area cannot function properly. The result is for other teeth to assume the added work, which they were not designed or intended. This added work can create problems that might cause additional teeth to need treatment or extraction.
  • Appearance: This is the most obvious reason patients think of. The state of the art techniques and materials we use result in a very natural look.

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